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Interesting in purchasing or selling a home in Pitt, Lenoir or Beaufort Counties? Visit my sister site for listing information or to book a buyer consultation.

Preferred Vendor List

Does your driveway need a pressure wash? Do you have a roof leak? Need some junk hauled away? Need a photographer or a painter? View my free e-book of preferred vendors!

Video Resource Catalog

Not currently on our mailing list? That's okay. Get access to a complete archive of inside scoop videos featuring home buyer/seller education, DIY projects & more.

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Our nonprofit affiliate


A real estate revolution.

A proactive, innovative & relatable way to buy and sell homes. To connect with my clients is to connect with the community and vice versa. My team and I spearhead community outreach projects, provide invaluable resources & referrals to our client network & stay ahead of the market & marketing trends. 

To work with my team and I is to make a friend. 

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