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Flirting with the idea of selling?

Let us make the first move.

An unconventional approach for an unconventional market.

The number one concern of potential sellers in today's real estate market: where am I going to go? 

Every day I speak with clients who have the desire to sell their home either for more space, less space, a new school district or simply a newer home and yet, everyone has the same concern. My home will sell before I can find something new.

The challenge with this particular objection is that the fewer homes available for purchase, the fewer homes are listed, which creates even fewer homes available for purchase. So how do we fix it?

We convince everyone to list their homes for sale at once!

Just kidding. But am I? 

If there was a way to connect potential home sellers with potential home buyers without committing to entering the market, maybe we could create some opportunity and encourage a few blocks to shift in order to open doors for our clients.

Which is exactly what Team Emily's matchmaking list does. Members of this list will receive exclusive notification of buyers in search of unavailable inventory as well as sellers preparing to enter the market, without the initial commitment of becoming an MLS listing. 

This is the "toe in the water" option you've been looking for - we're just waiting on you to let us know you're thinking of going swimming.

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Let's test the waters

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